Leather Desktop Wallpaper

Aired Leather Desktop Preview

The interest in my leather wallpaper has been a little surprising, but I'm not complaining! The iPhone 4 Aired Leather Wallpaper has been one of the most popular posts on my site since it was first posted almost a year ago. Since that time, I've also posted a version of the wallpaper for the iPad that has gained traction very quickly as well. It seems leather wallpapers for iOS devices are pretty popular... who knew?

Anyway, I've since tweaked the leather background a bit and come up with a Aired Leather Desktop Wallpaper. I've been using it for a while on my dual monitor setup for a while now to make sure the holes aren't overwhelming and tweaking it a bit here and there... I'm pretty happy with the results, so here you go!

Download the 1920x1200 Aired Leather Desktop Wallpaper

Download the 2560x1440 high res Aired Leather Desktop Wallpaper

Download the 5120x2880 5K Aired Leather Desktop Wallpaper

Updated March 7, 2012
I've made some substantial changes to the desktop wallpaper, including bumping up the resolution (now 2560 × 1440), changing the perforation size, and tweaking the vignettes.

Updated January 20, 2015
Now available for the 5K Retina iMac (5120 x 2880) ... this thing's a beast.