Creating An Online Home

Creating an online homeI have accounts on Facebook, Twitter,, Pandora, Virb, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and others. All these sites enable you to create content of some form. I post photos to Facebook and Flickr.  I also send messages and comment on Facebook. I tweet daily on Twitter, and post videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

As websites continue to offer more and more opportunities to produce content, it can become difficult to find the “real” online homes of people and organizations - it’s like having a ton of spokes with no axle. This is where having a designated home comes in handy.

You might use a blog as your home. You could use your Facebook page (I’ll stop short of suggesting your Twitter account… not sure that one would work so well). Whatever you choose, it is useful to have a single point that is your primary presence online where you can focus in with your best and most directed content.

Home sweet home

What do you think? Do you prefer having a main hub that ties all your sites together, or are you happy with the scatter approach?

Photo credit Roomic Cube