Hanging on to creativity

The framed oak tree letterpress image I made for my wife.I have a Pinterest account, and I get a good deal of use out of it. Being able to save and share my favorite pictures from around the web without taking up my own hard drive space is great. Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, ffffound, and others provide an incredible wealth of inspiration, but I also find myself having to fight off some bad habits.

It's easy to get stuck, repining images that are already on the site, not exploring the world and discovering anything new. Nobody wants to see the same set of ten pictures over and over, so I sometimes have to remind myself to make the effort and browse around to find new things and actually contribute.

The biggest issue I fight is not acting on all the great inspiration these sites provide. I like to pin/repin things I've found, but it's important that that pinning isn't used as a replacement for my own output. It's great to admire others’ work and be inspired by it, but that inspiration means nothing if it doesn't lead to action.

To that end, I recently finished a project with my great friends at Red Circle Letterpress. It was my one year anniversary to my wife recently, (the “paper” anniversary) so I designed an old oak tree and we made a limited-run print of it for her. I am really pleased with how it came out - and thankfully, so was she.