Robert Leeper

eForms UI/Component Library

Client: The University of Texas at Dallas #design #development #html5 #css3 #scss

A library of responsive components and interface elements for a flexible electronic form application.

I created a collection of form components that includes everything from basic text fields to complex multi-element blocks. The library is built with SCSS and uses the BEM methodology, which makes it easy for our team to create complex forms and surveys with highly customizable layouts that look and work great on any device.

The University of Texas at Dallas needs to collect and access a lot of information for operations. However, most electronic form products don't work well with the systems on campus, which means that users often have to enter the same information over and over again. This can be really frustrating and time-consuming, and it can also cause errors in the data.

The Web Applications and Technology group built eForms to help operators create forms that are connected to multiple databases across UTD. eForms can authenticate users and pre-populate forms with relevant information, which makes the form-filling process faster and easier. It can also handle complex routing for advanced workflows, making it a great tool for streamlining processes that involve multiple stakeholders.

Once an eForm has collected data, it is automatically compiled by ReportMonkey, eForms' companion reporting application. ReportMonkey is built with the Gizmo UI/Component Library.